Herbert Gurschner (1901-1975)


1901 Born on August 27th in Innsbruck, Tyrol 
1917 Attends the School of Applied Arts in Innsbruck
1917 First exhibition, Gurschner lives and works in Mühlau

Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, friendship with the painters W.N. Prachensky, Ernst Nepo, Alphons Schnegg and Rudolf Lehnert   
(Mühlau Circle)
1920-25 Various exhibitions in Innsbruck
1924 Marriage to Ella Dolores Erskine, an aristocratic Englishwoman
1925 Exhibitions in London and Chicago at the "Little Art Room"
Travels to Italy, exhibits at the Biennale in Venice, discovers the "New Objectivity"
1929 First Exhibition at Fine Art Society in London
1931 Second Exhibition at the Fine Art Society, increasing popularity in England, purchase of "The Annunciation" by the Tate Gallery, back in his homecountry he is honored for promoting Tyrol abroad
1932-33 Touring exhibition in Great Britain

Frequent travels and active social life. Gurschner is accepted in aristocratic, business and diplomatic circles and receives numerous commissions for portraits. He spends the winter on Bermuda Islands. Exhibition at Agnews in London, Cooling Galleries in NY.
1938 Gurschner visits Tyrol for the last time befor the breakout of Worldwar II
1939-45 Service in the British Army, granted British nationality
1946 Marriage with Brenda Davidoff, lives in London

Gurschner works as a stage designer for Globe and Hammersmith Theater and Covent Garden Opera, exhibits 1946 and 1966 the last time. 'Frequent travels with his wife to Austria
1975 Herbert Gurschner dies January 10th in London

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